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Sexual Health

STIs – sexually transmitted infections – are becoming more common.  They can be easily diagnosed on urine or blood tests, and treated usually with a short course of antibiotics.  Some STIs have no symptoms initially.  If you are starting a new relationship, please consider coming in for an STI Check

Contraceptive Advice Our doctors can advise on the range of contraceptive measures available.  Implanon is a contraceptive hormone that is inserted through the skin.  We have doctors skilled in Implanon insertion – you can come in an discuss the various options.





Practice News

Iron infusions available - if you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency, discuss the option of an iron infusion with your doctor

The worst flu season ever is now over - don't forget Influenza Vaccination for 2018 will be available from April 2018 - everyone over 65 and anyone under 65 with a health condition should get the flu vaccine

Register for My Health Record - the electronic health record – Previously called the PCEHR - visit the website

Please welcome our newest doctor -

Dr Sami Spencer – Sami has a particular interest in women's and children's health and mental health. 


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